Introducing New Cryptonet: Fresher Design

May 01, 2021 Announcements

The very first version of Cryptonet was launched a few months ago for Australian Crypto Community. It was called OZ Cryptonet as in OZ stands for Aussie.

Meet a new and fresh looking Cryptonet

It is finally happening. We have been working on redesigning Cryptonet to allow all crypto enthusiasts in the entire crypto world to be able to join and start discussing everything about crypto and Blockchain with each other. So, we also changed the domain name from to for a wider audience.

What are new features?

Firstly, the major changes are the design of the UI, which is now a lot cleaner. At Cryptonet, we value our user experience. As crypto enthusiasts ourselves, we are committed to build a better crypto community online where all enthusiastic investors and traders can share their knowledge for people to learn. If you have any feedback, you are more than welcome to leave it for us.

The search feature of the forum in this version is very helpful for people to search for particular topic or filter posts by coins. Additionally, we also added a new widget to show the most discussed coins in order to help people to get some idea of which crypto is currently being discussed the most.

More importantly, we have added the ability to be able to choose the currency on Cryptonet. At the moment, there are only two currencies available, which are Australian Dollars (AUD) and US Dollars (USD). We will add more currencies as the capacity grows.

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