SpaceX accepts Dogecoin for Moon Mission in 2022

May 12, 2021 Thoughts

On 8th of May, Elon Must hosted Saturday Night Live show. Before the show, the entire crypto community was super exciting to see what would Elon's appearance on SNL show do to Dogecoin price. There were also multiple live stream on Youtube with Dogecoin price chart. Enthusiasts and traders were all discussing about it on discord and Twitter. However, it was quite disappointing to see Dogecoin price plummeted nearly 40%.

To the literal moon

Following the SNL show, Elon Musk tweeted that SpaceX is sending Dogecoin to the actual moon. According to the press, DOGE-1 mission will be a collaboration with Geometric Energy Corporation, an intellectual property, manufacturing and logistic firm. The mission will be paid in Dogecoin completely.

What does it mean to Dogecoin?

As we observed previously when Tesla announced $1.5 billion Bitcoin purchase, the price of Bitcoin surged all time high. Funding SpaceX to launch a 40kg satellite on Falcon 9 rocket would cost millions. So, we will likely be seeing million dollars purchase on Dogecoin, which is quite interesting. We will have to wait and see how far can the price of Dogecoin go.

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