Bitcoin passed 1 trillion market cap !
Amazing! Bitcoin hit USD $50k and passed 1 trillion market cap in history. 1 Bitcoin is now equal to 1kg of gold. How cool is that? The value of trust is a lot more valuable than a gold !
Posted by Susros (Not Hodl)
Feb 23, 2021
Bitcoin - The Currency of The Internet
Our money today has a very long history. It has evolved from a barter system to coins to papers to digital. We always try to make the money system better and better. With the advantage of the Internet, we managed to make money almost virtual. You can see your money on your mobile phone and pay with it. Fun fact, there are approximately 92% of the currency in the world is digital.

There is one problem tho. All that money is controlled by the central bank of each country around the world. There is no fixed maximum circulating supply. The government can always print more money. So, the money you own today might not worth today's value in the future. Besides, every country you go, you need to exchange the currency. Even if you want to purchase stuff online, physical or digital, from a seller who is from another country, you will need to exchange the currency. So, after transfer fees and exchange rate, your might be paying more.

We need a global currency that everyone can trust and use everywhere. That is Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency. Unlike conventional money, Bitcoin is decentralised and there is a limited circulating supply in the world. It is hardcoded and can never be modified. So, it doesn't matter what the political situation is, Bitcoin will always hold its value.

Soon, the Internet will be available for everyone in the world. More and more people will connect through the Internet from different part of the world. More and more businesses will be conducted on the Internet. In this digital world, we need digital gold, which is Bitcoin, the currency that will be widely used across the Internet. Due to its characteristics of decentralisation, we can carry it anywhere. Even if the Internet is shut down, it will not be wiped out.

Another crazy thought. When Elon Musk's SpaceX managed to colonise Mars and make interplanetary travel possible, what currency will we be using? Out of all currencies in the world, will we be using USD? Will all other countries be happy with that? Well, maybe Bitcoin. It is not just the currency of the Internet, it might as well be called the currency of Human. Yup, I said Human because we might meet someone out there in the universe or in the galaxy where they might have their own currency. Or, who knows, their currency might be already decentralised.

What do you guys think?
Posted by Susros (Not Hodl)
Feb 13, 2021
Tesla bought USD $1.5 billion in Bitcoin !
Wow. I heard Tesla is planning to accept Bitcoin as a payment method. This is huge. Bitcoin price just soared all time hight after the announcement was made. You can check out in this report from CNBC.
Posted by Susros (Not Hodl)
Feb 09, 2021
Elon Musk pump or dump?
Hey guys,

I've been watching Bitcoin for a while but still sitting on the sidelines. The recent hype with Elon Musk putting #Bitcoin on his Twitter profile pumped the Bitcoin price heaps but has dropped since. With other big institutional investors getting into Bitcoin, should I invest my money into Bitcoin?
Posted by BobaCoin (Not Hodl)
Jan 31, 2021

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